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International Studies Program - FAQs

Can I take language courses P/NP?

YES, language courses are the ONLY ones that can be taken P/NP for this program.  Please be aware that many study abroad programs, graduate programs, and honors societies require these courses be taken for a letter grade.

ALL other IS requirements must be taken for a LETTER GRADE of C- or better (this includes prerequisite for Econ and Comm classes).

Can I take the lower division Economics pre-requisites P/NP?

NO, all courses must be taken for a letter grade with a C- or better.

Is a grade of "D" ever acceptable for the IS Program?

YES, for COGN 20/COMM 10 (the prerequisite for the Communication) and the language requirement.

ALL other IS requirements must be taken for a LETTER GRADE of C- or better (this includes prerequisite courses for Econ and Comm).

How do I declare the IS Major?

Go to TritonLink, access Major/Minor link under the Tool category and change your major.

Major Codes:
International Studies – Anthropology (IS 25)

International Studies – Economics (IS 26)

International Studies – History (IS 27)

International Studies – Linguistics (IS 28)

International Studies – Literature (IS 29)

International Studies – Political Science (IS 30)

International Studies – Sociology (IS 31)

How do I declare the IS Minor?

Go to TritonLink, access Major/Minor link under the Tool category and change your minor.

Minor Code:

International Studies (MO 62)

What are my options for obtaining credit for an internship

There are 3 ways to obtain academic credit for an internship at UCSD.  Students can obtain credit through AIP, the UCDC/UCCS program, 199 Independent Study course, and there are a limited number of internships through the Programs Abroad Office (PAO).  All the following guidelines must be met in order to consider granting credit toward the IS Program:

  • Must receive academic credit of at least 4 UC upper-division quarter units
  • Must write a substantial research paper, 15 pages of written work
  • Must have a faculty advisor
  • Must read scholarly materials and incorporate them into your research paper
  • Research topic must have 50% or more international content and match disciplinary focus or can opt to have course count towards the interdisciplinary elective requirement

What career options are associated with the IS Program?

Please refer to the career section of the website and the Career Services Center for additional information.

Can I enroll in INTL courses if I do not meet the prerequisites?

Contact the ISP advisors via the Virtual Advising Center for information.

Can I take graduate courses and apply them to the IS Major?

The course must have at least 50% international content, match the disciplinary focus or be used as an elective. The student must receive the Professor's signature on an add card. Take the signed add card to the Registrar's Office to add the course.

Can I waitlist INTL courses?

YES, please add yourself to the automated waitlist on WebReg.

Can I double-major in IS-Econ & Econ?

NO, this is not considered two intellectually separate achievements.

Can upper division major and minor courses overlap

NO, this is against university policy.

Can I minor in IS if my major is Econ?

YES, as long as your Economics courses do not overlap with your minor courses.

How do I know if my community college courses are applicable to lower division requirements?

Please ASSIST  for course articulations. If your course is not listed, please email ISP advisors or the Virtual Advising Center.

Do all Disciplinary Focus and International Elective courses need to be upper division?

YES, all disciplinary focus and interdisciplinary elective courses must be upper division, 4 units, non-language courses, selected from the ISP comprehensive course list, and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

What is the Regional Requirement?

The Regional Requirement is an overlap requirement where at least 3 courses from your disciplinary focus, interdisciplinary elective requirement or a mixture of both must focus on a region.
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