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Major and Minor - FAQ

Is it possible to cancel a minor after submitting my application on-line?

YES, go to TritonLink, access Major/Minor link under the Tool category and drop your minor.

I was considering applying for a double major. What should I do first?

Obtain a Double Major Petition form from the department or your college. Attach a quarter-by-quarter plan, a statement of purpose, and return the completed form to one of the major departments. Pick-up your copy of the petition from your college in approximately one month. For specific guidelines on when to declare a double major, see the UCSD General Catalog.

When do I have to declare a double major?

You may declare a double major once you have completed 90 UC units (junior standing) and no more than 135 completed units. You must also have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5.

Can I still declare a double major even though I surpassed the 135-unit limit?

You must discuss exception to the credit limit with your college advisor.
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