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Independent Research (199)

Students can earn academic credit for conducting independent research.  An application and research plan are required for each quarter of participation.  The International Studies Program will accept up to two 199 course towards the major.

Special Studies 199 Application for Enrollment

  • Note: At this time International Studies does not have its own INTL 199.  Students will need to enroll through the home department of the professor that they are working with.  Directions to complete the application for enrollment are detailed on the 199 application for enrollment form.

To receive major credit for a 199:

  • Students are required to complete a minimum 4,500 word research paper focusing on an approved topic.
  • Research topic must be pre-approved – this initial review does not guarantee course credit.  The topic of research must have at least 50% international content. 
  • Disciplinary Focus course credit: To apply toward this requirement, the research paper must match the field of study of the Disciplinary Focus and have at least 50% international content.
  • Interdisciplinary Elective course credit:  To apply toward this requirement, the research paper must have at least 50% international content but can be from any field of study.
  • After completion of the 199, a formal undergraduate student petition must be submitted along with the final research paper.  The petition and paper will be evaluated by the ISP Director.

The following guidelines must be met in order for the International Studies Program to consider granting course credit:

  • Student must receive academic credit of at least 4 UC upper-division quarter units.
  • Student must write a substantial research paper of at least 4,500 words of written work, 1 inch margins, 12 point font (bibliography and charts/graphs NOT included in page count).
  • Student must have a faculty advisor.
  • Student must read scholarly materials and incorporate them into the research paper.

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