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Secondary Track: Communication

Communication secondary track requirements for the International Studies major for students entering UCSD prior to Fall 2013.

  • The following requirements are for freshman and transfer students that entered UCSD prior to Fall 2013.
  • For freshman and transfer students that entered UCSD after to Fall 2013, please find the current major requirements here.

Note: A secondary track is NOT required for students entering UCSD Fall 2013 and later.

Secondary Track Information

  • To fulfill a secondary track, students must select five (5) 4-unit, upper-division, non-language courses selected from the approved list.
  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.
  • A secondary track CANNOT be the same as the primary track.

Lower-division Requirements

All lower-division Communication Track pre-requisite courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

  • COMM 10. Introduction to Communication

Note: This lower-division course is only required for those with a Communication Secondary Track.

Communication Comprehensive Course List


All five (5) courses must be 4 units, upper-division and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.  Select five (5) courses from the approved list:

  • COMM 100C. Social Formations
  • COMM 104D. Comparative Media Systems: Asia
  • COMM 104E. Comparative Media Systems: Europe
  • COMM 104F. Comparative Media Systems: Africa
  • COMM 104G. Comparative Media Systems: Latin America and the Caribbean
  • COMM 104M. Comparative Media Systems: Middle East
  • COMM 106G. Cultural Industries: Tourism: Global Industry and Cultural Form
  • COMM 110I. LLC: Social Organization and the Individual
  • COMM 111G. Communication and Cultural Production: Popular Culture
  • COMM 111W. Communication and Cultural Production: Politics of World Music
  • COMM 112G. Interaction and Mediation: Language and Globalization
  • COMM 114E. CSI: Gender, Labor, and Culture in the Global Economy
  • COMM 128. Education and Global Citizenship
  • COMM 131. Communication, Dissent, and the Formation of Social Movements
  • COMM 138. Black Women, Feminism, and Media
  • COMM 140. Cinema in Latin America
  • COMM 141. African Cinema
  • COMM 142. Cuban Cinema
  • COMM 152. Global Economy and Consumer Culture
  • COMM 156. Colonialism and Communication
  • COMM 160. Political Economy and International Communication
  • COMM 168. Bilingual Communication

Note: Students are responsible for meeting the course pre-requisites.  For additional pre-requisite information, please see the UCSD Catalog Communication Course Information.      


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