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Secondary Track: German Studies

German Studies secondary track requirements for the International Studies major for students entering UCSD prior to Fall 2013.

  • The following requirements are for freshman and transfer students that entered UCSD prior to Fall 2013.
  • For freshman and transfer students that entered UCSD after to Fall 2013, please find the current major requirements here.

Note: A secondary track is NOT required for students entering UCSD Fall 2013 and later.

Secondary Track Information

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.
  • A secondary track CANNOT be the same as the primary track.
  • To fulfill a secondary track, students must select five (5) 4-unit, upper-division, non-language courses selected from the approved list:
  • Courses must be taken from at least 2 different departments.
  • Students may take a maximum of 2 courses from their primary track department to count toward their secondary track.  No primary track & secondary track courses mayoverlap.
    • Example: A student with a primary track of Political Science and secondary track of German Studies may take POLI 120B – The German Political System and choose to count it toward only their secondary track.  Please note that the course will NOT count to fulfill requirements in both the primary and secondary track at the same time.
  •  If there is an upper-division, 4-unit, non-language class that is not on the list and at least 50% of the course focuses on the region, please send ISP an email via the VAC (http://vac.ucsd.edu) for possible pre-approval.

German Studies Comprehensive Course

Area studies secondary track courses are selected from the approved comprehensive course list in the UCSD catalog as determined by the home department of the secondary track. 

Select five (5) courses from the approved list.  All courses must be upper-division, 4 units, non-language and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.


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