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Regional Requirement Courses

Three (3) of the eleven (11) Disciplinary Focus and Interdisciplinary Elective courses must focus on one region.

  • This requirement is an overlap requirement comprised of courses that count for both the Disciplinary Focus or Interdisciplinary Elective courses and the Regional Requirement.
  • Regional Requirement courses may come all from within the Disciplinary Focus, Interdisciplinary Electives, or a combination of the two.
  • For IS-International Business Majors: All three (3) Interdisciplinary Electives courses must focus on one region
  • Possible regions include: Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.

These courses may not be offered every quarter.  For current offerings, please refer to Schedule of Classes and Course Offerings. For course descriptions, please see the UCSD general catalog.



ANAR 144. Pharaohs, Mummies, and Pyramids: Introduction to Egyptology

ANAR 145S. Study Abroad: Egypt of the Pharaohs


COMM 104F. CMS: Africa


HIAF (History of Africa)


LIGN 108. Languages of Africa


LTAF (Literatures of Africa)

Political Science

POLI 120N. Contention and Conflict in Africa

POLI 120P. Africa’s Success Stories


SOCI 187. African Societies through Film

SOCI 188E. Community and Social Change in Africa

SOCI 188J. Change in Modern South Africa

East Asia


ANAR 124. Archaeology of Asia

ANSC 111. The Chinese Heritage in Taiwan

ANSC 136. Traditional Chinese Society

ANSC 137. Chinese Popular Religion

ANSC 166. Film and Culture in Asia


COMM 104D. CMS: Asia


ECON 163. Japanese Economy

ECON 167. Economics of China (by petition)

ECON 169. Economics of Korea (by petition)


HIEA (History of East Asia)


LTCH 101. Readings in Contemporary Chinese Literature

LTKO (Literatures in Korean)

LTEA (Literatures of East Asia)

Political Science

POLI 130B. Politics in the People’s Republic of China

POLI 131C. The Chinese Revolution

POLI 132. Political Development and Modern China

POLI 133A. Japanese Politics: A Developmental Perspective

POLI 133D. Political Institutions of East Asian Countries

POLI 133G. Postwar US-Japan Relations

POLI 133J. Korean Politics


SOCI 123. Japanese Culture Inside/Out: A Transnational Perspective

SOCI 176. Transnational Japan Research (by petition)

SOCI 188G. Chinese Society

Visual Arts

VIS 105D. Art Forms and Chinese Calligraphy

VIS 127A. Contemporary Arts in South Korea

VIS 127B. Arts of China

VIS 127C. Arts of Modern China

VIS 127D. Early Chinese Painting

VIS 127E. Later Chinese Painting

VIS 127G. Twentieth-Century Chinese Art

VIS 127N. Twentieth-Century Art in China and Japan

VIS 127P. Arts of Japan

VIS 128E. Topics in Art History of Asia



ANAR 135S. Ancient Mediterranean Civilization


COMM 104E. CMS: Europe


HIEU (History of Europe)


LIGN 143. The Structure of Spanish*


LTFR (Literatures in French)

LTGM (Literatures in German)

LTIT (Literatures in Italian), exception of LTIT 161

LTRU (Literatures in Russian), exception of LTRU 104A, B, C

LTSP (Literatures in Spanish), exception of LTSP 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 160, 162, 166 (Pending Region)

LTEU (Literatures of Europe)

Political Science

POLI 120A. Political Development of Western Europe

POLI 120B. The German Political System

POLI 120C. The Politics in France

POLI 120D. Germany: Before, During, and After Division

POLI 120E. Scandinavian Politics

POLI 120G. British Politics

POLI 120H. European Integration

POLI 120I. Politics in Italy

POLI 123. Politics of Empire in Comparative Perspective*

POLI 126AA. Fundamentals of Political Economy: Modern Capitalism*

POLI 126AB. Politics and Economics in Eastern Europe

POLI 130AD. The Politics of the Russian Revolution

POLI 147B. Russian-American Relations

POLI 153. The European Union in World Politics


SOCI 178. The Holocaust

SOCI 188F. Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society*

Visual Arts

VIS 122D. Michelangelo

VIS 124D. Paris, Capital of the Nineteenth Century

Latin America


ANAR 153. The Mysterious Maya

ANAR 154. The Aztecs and their Ancestors

ANAR 155S. Study Abroad: Ancient Mesoamerica

ANAR 156. The Archaeology of South America

ANAR 157. Early Empires of the Andes: The Middle Horizon

ANAR 157S. Early Empires of the Andes: The Middle Horizon

ANAR 158. The Inca: Empire of the Andes

ANAR 160. Ancient Maya: Archaeological Problems and Perspectives

ANSC 106. Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America

ANSC 106S. Global Health: Indigenous Medicines in Latin America – Study Abroad

ANSC 116. Languages of the Americas: Mayan

ANSC 135. Indigenous Peoples of Latin America

ANSC 142. Anthropology of Latin America


COMM 104G. CMS: Latin America and the Caribbean

COMM 140. Cinema in Latin America


ECON 161. Global Integration of Latin America

ECON 162. Economics of Mexico


HILA (History of Latin America)


LIGN 143. The Structure of Spanish*

LIGN 152. Indigenous Languages of the Americas


LTSP (Literatures in Spanish), exception of LTSP 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 160, 162, 166 (Pending Region)


PHIL 155. Mexican Philosophy (by petition)

Political Science

POLI 134AA. Comparative Politics of Latin America

POLI 134B. Politics in Mexico

POLI 134D. Selected Topics in Latin American Politics

POLI 134I. Politics in the Southern Cone of Latin America

POLI 146A. The U.S. and Latin America: Political and Economic Relations


SOCI 182. Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America

SOCI 188D. Latin America: Society and Politics

SOCI 188M. Social Movements in Latin America

Visual Arts

VIS 126AN.  Pre-Columbian Art of Ancient Mexico and Central America

VIS 126BN. The Art and Civilization of the Ancient Maya

VIS 126C. Problems in Mesoamerican Art History

VIS 126D. Problems in Ancient Maya Iconography and Inscriptions

VIS 126P. Latin American Art: Modern to Postmodern, 1890-1950

VIS 126Q. Latin American Art: Modern to Postmodern, 1950-Present

Middle East


ANAR 138. Mesopotamia: The Emergence of Civilization

ANAR 141. Prehistory of the Holy Land

ANAR 142. The Rise and Fall of Ancient Israel

ANAR 143. Biblical Archaeology-Fact or Fiction

ANAR 165. Marine and Coastal Archaeology and the Biblical Seas

ANAR 185. Middle East Desert Cultural Ecology

ANAR 190. Eastern Mediterranean Archaeological Field School


COMM 158. Representations of the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict


ECON 165. Middle East Economics


HINE (History of Middle East)


LTWL 143. Arab Literatures and Cultures

LTWL 157. Iranian Film

Political Science

POLI 121. Government and Politics of the Middle East

POLI 121B. Politics in Israel

POLI 124. Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


SOCI 188F. Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society*

SOCI 188I. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict

SOCI 188O. Settlements and Peacemaking in Israel