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General Information

Do classes start on the first day of the quarter or the first day of instruction?

Classes start on the first day of instruction. Usually discussion sections do not meet until after the first lecture.

I am having trouble signing up for a class even though I meet all of the prerequisites. What should I do?

Contact the department offering the class, i.e. if it is a History course, contact the History department.

What are general electives? Are they any classes outside of my major?

General electives are units that are not used for your major, minor or general education requirements, but may apply towards your total units for graduation.

What does "Upper-Division Standing" mean?

Upper division standing occurs upon completion of 90 units or more.

What is an upper-division class?

A class with a course number of 100-199.

How can I enroll in over 19.5 units in a quarter? Do I need to petition to do so? When should I submit this petition?

You may enroll in up to 19.5 units during the pre-enrollment period. As of the first day of class, you may enroll in 22 units without petitioning. If you wish to enroll in more than 22 units, you must obtain a signed add card with approval from your college Academic Advising office (no exceptions are made during the pre-enrollment period).

How do I apply for Part-Time Status and what are my chances of being accepted for it?

The application deadline for Part-Time Status is Friday of Week 2 of each quarter.  Part-Time applications can be obtained from your college.  In order to qualify you must meet one of the following:

  • Employment - verification on employer letterhead that you are employed 30 or more hours per week
  • Medical - verification from a doctor regarding serious or sustained illness or injury
  • Documentation of immediate family responsibilities
  • Graduating Senior - college verification of final quarter

NOTE: Students on financial assistance must be enrolled in at least 12 units to receive a full financial aid package.

Why do some classes require departmental approval?

Courses requiring departmental approval generally have some type of limitation such as enrollment restrictions, college requirements, or class standing that the department wishes to monitor.

Are there any free tutoring services on campus?

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS), provides tutoring workshops for many math and science courses as well as readers to help revise any papers. The office is located on the third floor at Center Hall.