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International Student Resources

The International Center offers a wide range of programs available to international students at UC San Diego.  The services include information and resources for prospective students, newly admitted students, current students, graduating students and alumni.  Please see the International Center website for a full list of programs and resources available to international students.

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Please see the International Center website for appointment and walk-in hours.

(858) 534-3730

Online Contact Form:
Please scroll to the bottom of the Contact Us page on the International Center website to access the online contact form.


International Center

English Language Resources

Are you an International Student who would like assistance with reading, writing and listening comprehension in English? Are you looking for an English language tutor or would like to participate in a language exchange?

Check out these resources here at UC San Diego and see what works for you!

English-In-Action Tutor Program (EIA)

International students, scholars and their spouses are eligible to apply for a tutor if they need help with their English conversation skills. Applicants must speak and understand enough English to communicate with a tutor. All of the tutors are volunteers. For registered UC San Diego students this service is free. For scholars and spouses there is an annual $50 registration fee.

UCSD Writing Center

The UCSD Writing Center offers free academic support for undergraduates who are writing papers for any of their classes. One-on-one assistance is provided by peer mentors who are trained to work with students at all levels, from those who are making their way through the Basic Writing classes (SDCC 1-4) to those who are completing advanced assignments in courses across the disciplines. You can get help with issues such as essay development, clarity, organization, argumentation, citation, and grammar. In addition, the Writing Center offers various group workshops, including sessions on grammar, essay editing, and Basic Writing; visit the "Group Workshops" page on the website for more information.

To make an appointment, visit the "Individual Sessions – Meet with a Writing Mentor" page on the center's website. Drop-in hours are also available every weekday afternoon and on Sunday evenings. In addition, the Writing Center offers various group workshops, including sessions on grammar, essay editing, and Basic Writing; visit the "Group Workshops" page on the website for more information.

Office of Academic Support and Instructional Services (OASIS)

OASIS provides group and individual assistance to ALL registered UC San Diego undergraduates. Trained tutors, peer mentors and staff members provide assistance in foreign languages, math & science, study management, writing expression and cultural acclimation. For ESL students, OASIS provides English assistance through workshops, verbal and writing practice sessions and feedback on rough drafts. OASIS is located in Center Hall, 3rd floor, Monday—Friday 8:00 am—4:30 pm.

Website: http://oasis.ucsd.edu
(858) 534-3760
Email: oasis@ucsd.edu 

Center for Communication and Leadership (CCL)

UC San Diego's Center for Communication and Leadership (CCL) offers free services designed to assist students in strengthening their skills in public speaking, interpersonal communication and leadership skills. Undergraduate and graduate students who feel particularly shy about their public speaking ability or tend to get anxious or nervous in front of a crowd are encouraged to utilize CCL.

UC San Diego Language Laboratory

This self-help laboratory offers cassette tapes in English as a Second Language, conversation, listening comprehension and pronunciation. A UC San Diego Visiting Scholar ID card or Student ID card is required. There is no fee for the lab's services. The Language Laboratory is located in the AP&M Building, Room 3432A. The lab is closed Saturday and Sunday, and during certain holiday periods.

UC San Diego College Writing Programs

Each of the six colleges on campus (ERC, Marshall, Muir, Revelle, Sixth, and Warren) requires their students to complete a writing program sequence. Tutoring services are available for students enrolled in these writing classes. Please contact your college main office to obtain information about workshops and individual tutoring options.

English Language Institute (ELI)

UC San Diego Extension provides English language courses for a tuition fee. Daytime English programs include 10-week and 4-week courses of study.
ELI website
, Phone: (858) 534-6784, Email: ipinfo@ucsd.edu

Evening and weekend English classes are available through the English for Academic & Professional Development(EAPD) program on the Extension website. (English Language Studies area of study) Discounts are available for early enrollment, staff, faculty, students and alumni and complimentary vouchers for up to $400 for one class are available each quarter through Student Services, (858) 534-3400.

Work Authorization

Work Authorization Options for International Students

**Include what we do --> need credit through AIP, link to them!