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International Studies – International Business

*Note: Students majoring in IS-International Business may not complete the Rady School of Management minors in Business or Entrepreneurship & Innovation. IS-International Business majors may declare the Rady minor in Accounting. 

Major Code: IS-34

Major Requirements:

Language Requirement

International Studies majors are required to demonstrate basic proficiency in a modern foreign language.  This can be accomplished in one of the following ways:

Lower Division Requirements (5 courses)

All lower division pre-requisite courses must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

Calculus (1 year)

  • MATH 10A-B-C or MATH 20A-B-C


  • MGT/ECON 4. Financial Accounting
  • MGT 5. Managerial Accounting

Note: These lower division courses are only required for those with an International Business Disciplinary Focus.

International Studies Core Courses (3 courses)

All courses are 4-units, upper division and must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

Disciplinary Focus (8 courses)

Rady School of Management 2018-2019 Tentative Course Offerings

All eight (8) courses must be 4 units, upper division and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

The following five (5) courses are required:

  • MGT 103. Product Marketing and Management
  • MGT 181. Enterprise Finance --OR-- MGT 187. New Venture Finance
  • MGT 112. Global Business Strategy
  • MGT 164. Business and Organizational Leadership
  • MGT 166. Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

The remaining three (3) elective courses must be selected from the following lists:


  • MGT 131A. Intermediate Accounting A
  • MGT 131B. Intermediate Accounting B
  • MGT 132. Auditing
  • MGT 133. Advanced Cost Accounting
  • MGT 134. Federal Taxation - Individuals
  • MGT 135. Federal Taxation - Companies
  • MGT 136. Advanced Accounting
  • MGT 139. Accounting Information Systems


  • MGT 121A. Innovation to Market (A)
  • MGT 121B. Innovation to Market (B)
  • MGT 128/128R. Innovation in Service Enterprises
  • MGT 167. Social Entrepreneurship


  • MGT 183. Financial Investments
  • MGT 184. Money and Banking
  • MGT 185. Investment Banking


  • MGT 105. Product Promotion and Brand Management
  • MGT 106. Sales and Sales Management


  • MGT 153: Business Analytics
  • MGT 172. Business Project Management
  • MGT 173. Project Management: Health Services

*Note: Students must submit petitions to Rady Undergraduate Advising for equivalency to any of the five (5) required MGT courses. Petitions for MGT electives must be submitted to ISP Advising for review. 

Interdisciplinary Elective Courses/Regional Requirement (3 courses)

All three (3) courses must be upper division, 4 units and taken for a letter grade of C- or better. All three (3) Interdisciplinary Elective courses must focus on one region.

Courses must be selected from the approved Regional Requirement Course List.

  • Note: All courses must be selected from departments outside of the disciplinary focus department.
  • This requirement is an overlap requirement comprised of courses that count for both the Interdisciplinary Elective courses and the Regional Requirement.
  • Possible regions include: Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.

Course Pre-requisites: Students are responsible for meeting all departmental pre-requisite courses.  Please refer to the General Catalog for additional information.

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