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International Studies Student Association (ISSA)

The International Studies Student Association (ISSA) is the official student organization of the International Studies Program (ISP) at the University of California, San Diego. The organization gathers like-minded individuals who share diverse interests in international studies and international relations. ISSA intends to provide a platform of rich experiences and opportunities in international studies.

We are:

  • A professional organization for students exploring internationally oriented careers, grad/postgrad school, and experiences: international policy, economics, cultural studies, business, education, etc. ISSA offers help with internships, scholarships, interviews, resumes, and volunteer experiences.
  • A social organization for students looking for networks and mentorship. The ISSA Mentorship Program organizes social events for students who share the same hobbies and interests. Members love eating, studying, and hanging out with each other – and meeting other UCSD students!
  • An academic organization that is closely associated with the International Studies Program and the GPS Graduate School. Faculty, staff, and alumni from these departments provide ISSA with a wealth of resources.
  • An I-House organization for students of all majors and minors who want to learn more about the world. ISSA actively partners with Prospect Journal, the Global Forum, and others!

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Executive Board Members

Natalyn Pow

Vice President:
Sophie Osborn

Director of Administrative Affairs:
Caitlyn Khuu

Mentorship Program Director:
Saloni Dalal

Director of Public Relations:
Tenzin Chomphel
Director of Events Committee:
Jesse Lun

Director of Membership:
Tina Oliva

Strategic Support:
Daniel Carnahan

Mentorship Program

Join The ISSA Mentorship Program to connect with other members of ISSA through academics, social events, and other networking opportunities! Participants will be matched up with another student of similar academic and professional interests.