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International Studies - Sociology

Major Requirements:

Language Requirement

International Studies majors are required to demonstrate basic proficiency in a modern foreign language.  This can be accomplished in one of the following ways:

International Studies Core Courses (3 courses)

All courses are 4-units, upper-division and must be taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

Disciplinary Focus (8 courses)

All eight (8) courses must be 4 units, upper-division and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

Eight (8) upper-division courses must be selected from the following:

  • SOCI 123. Japanese Culture Inside/Out: A Transnational Perspective
  • SOCI 125. Sociology of Immigration
  • SOCI 133. Immigration in Comparative Perspective
  • SOCI 134. The Making of Modern Medicine
  • SOCI 136E. Sociology of Mental Illness: A Historical Approach
  • SOCI 136F. Sociology of Mental Illness in Contemporary Society
  • SOCI 148. Political Sociology
  • SOCI 156. Sociology of Religion
  • SOCI 157. Religion in Contemporary Society
  • SOCI 158. Islam in the Modern World
  • SOCI 163. Migration and the Law
  • SOCI 169. Citizenship, Community, and Culture
  • SOCI 175. Nationality and Citizenship
  • SOCI 176. War and Society
  • SOCI 177. International Terrorism
  • SOCI 178.The Holocaust
  • SOCI 179. Social Change
  • SOCI 180. Social Movements and Social Protest
  • SOCI 181. Modern Western Society
  • SOCI 182. Ethnicity and Indigenous Peoples in Latin America
  • SOCI 183. Minorities and Nations
  • SOCI 185. Globalization and Social Development
  • SOCI 187. African Societies through Film
  • SOCI 188D. Latin America: Society and Politics
  • SOCI 188E. Community and Social Change in Africa
  • SOCI 188F. Modern Jewish Societies and Israeli Society
  • SOCI 188G. Chinese Society
  • SOCI 188H. Social Movement Latin America
  • SOCI 188I. The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
  • SOCI 188J. Change in Modern South Africa
  • SOCI 188M. Social Movements in Latin America
  • SOCI 188O. Dilemmas of Israeli Society
  • SOCI 189. Special Topics in Comparative- Historical Sociology
    • Note: Following the completion of one SOCI 189 course, all subsequent 189 courses must be approved by International Studies.

Interdisciplinary Elective Courses (3 courses)

All three (3) courses must be upper-division, 4 units and taken for a letter grade of C- or better.

Course Pre-requisites: Students are responsible for meeting all departmental pre-requisite courses.  Please refer to the General Catalog for additional information.

Regional Requirement

At least three (3) of the eleven (11) Disciplinary Focus and Interdisciplinary Elective courses must focus on one region.

  • Note: This requirement is an overlap requirement comprised of courses that count for both the Disciplinary Focus or Interdisciplinary Elective courses and the Regional Requirement.
  • Regional Requirement courses may come all from within the Disciplinary Focus, Interdisciplinary Electives, or a combination of the two.
  • Possible regions include: Africa, East Asia, Europe, Latin America or the Middle East.

International Studies Academic Advising Resources

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