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course offerings

Course Offerings

Note: The tentative schedule of course offerings is subject to change. Please check the Schedule of Classes.

All courses must be taken for a letter grade C- or better.  Should you have additional questions, please e-mail us at or send a message through the Virtual Advising Center.

2018 - 2019 Academic Year

Fall 2018 Winter 2019 Spring 2019 Summer 2019

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190

 Session 2: INTL 190

2019 - 2020 Academic Year

Fall 2019 Winter 2020 Spring 2020 Summer 2020

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190

INTL 101

INTL 102

INTL 190


INTL Course Offerings

The International Studies Program offers courses throughout the academic year, including two core courses and the capstone seminar. All INTL courses must be taken at UCSD. All courses must be taken for a letter grade C- or better. 

To view previous INTL offerings, course descriptions, and syllabi, please visit INTL Course Offerings Archive.


Spring and Summer 2019 Enrollment in INTL 190: Enrollment will be managed by the International Studies Program to ensure seats are allocated to June 2019 (Spring) and Summer graduates. Students seeking enrollment should email

Spring 2019

Course Name Faculty and Description
INTL 101
Culture and Society in International Perspective

Gilson, Nancy - School of Global Policy and Strategy (GPS)

Analysis of the cultural and social developments of the modern era from the perspective of interaction among societies. Particular attention is paid to the definition, representation, and the negotiation of social and cultural boundaries over time.

INTL 102
Economics, Politics, and International Change

Haggard, Stephan - School of Global Policy & Strategy (GPS)

This course examines the evolution of the world economy from the late nineteenth century to the present. The purpose is to describe the historical trends in the international economy and explain the causes and the consequences of these trends. Students will come away with the basic tools they need to understand the world economy and the politics of international economic relations.

INTL 190

Section A00

Comparative Health Systems

 Clemens, JeffreyEconomics, UCSD

The comparative study of international healthcare systems inevitably reveals intriguing contrasts, rooted from the individual country's unique set of economic and social values. How should countries organize and pay for healthcare? The relentless rise of health care costs requires global policymakers to confront precisely these questions. This course takes a comparative approach to learn from the failures and successes of health systems around the world. For your capstone research paper, you will conduct an in-depth exploration of a hot policy topic in the health system of your choice.

INTL 190

Section B00


Niehaus, Paul, Economics Department

The goal of the course is to better understand corruption in developing countries today: why it occurs, what the consequences are, and what can or should be done about it.

INTL 190

Section C00

The Anatomy of the Deal

Auerbach, Brad

Brad Auerbach is a senior business executive with extensive and unique expertise in Intellectual Property law and licensing, business
development, marketing, and content acquisition for new technologies, on a global level. He has succeeded in structuring many groundbreaking
deals with a diverse range of rights holders, including NFL, HBO, MTV,
ESPN, etc. He has deep familiarity with each aspect of the media business, having sat on all sides of the deal-making table, on behalf of mobile, distribution and production companies. As a member of the California State Bar, Mr. Auerbach has held senior positions at HP, Qualcomm and Disney.This course will examine the issues that permeate the current technology and media landscape. As a means to reveal the ongoing challenges in this landscape, we will examine three industries that have undergone tectonic changes over the last few decades: music, video and computer. It is at the intersection of these industries that some of the most intriguing developments and hence the most innovative deals are being made. We will analyze several of these issues through an international lens, to examine nuances particular to certain territories.

INTL 190 Section D00 was canceled and replaced with an alternative section. 

INTL 190

Section E00

Transitions from Socialism to Democracy in Central & Eastern Europe

Major, Ivan, Lecturer

Can European Populist Countries Dismantle the European Union? - The History and Current State of the EU.

INTL 190

Section F00

Trump, LePen and Liberal Democracy: Explaining Populist Parties in the United States and Europe

Fisk, David, Political Science

Throughout the last decade, candidates (and political parties) espousing
populist agendas have become increasingly visible in several advanced
industrial democracies. Although the presence of candidates (or parties)
invoking populist messaging is not a “new” phenomenon in developed
democratic systems, the political success of this messaging appears to
be a “new” phenomenon and has had important ramifications for several
political systems (e.g., Trump election in the United States, success of
Marine Le Pen in “re-branding” the National Front in France, entry of
the Alternative for Germany into the German parliament, etc.) and has
also impacted international politics (e.g., the British referendum to
leave the European Union). This seminar seeks a greater understanding of
this phenomenon by: defining populism, investigating how populist
parties (on the right and left) form, analyzing how populist parties
compete electorally, evaluating how governments and mainstream parties
typically respond to these parties, and discussing the challenges these
parties create for modern liberal democracies. Although we will be
examining the rise of populism in the American political system, this
seminar will adopt a comparative approach which will also focus on the
experience of other advanced industrial democracies, paying particular
attention to the European political experience.

INTL 190

Section G00

International Refugee Law and Policy

Kshatriya, Krista, Lecturer

International refugee policy determines the fate of 24 million displaced people and how the global community treats some of our most vulnerable members. In this course, we research the historical context, legal issues, and current policies impacting refugees around the world. In so doing, students will gain in-depth and interdisciplinary knowledge of: (1) refugee and asylum law, (2) the interaction of domestic and international institutions, and (3) the interplay between federal law, policy, and administration. This course also provides a foundation of legal studies through court case analysis and argument.

INTL 190

Section H00

Beyond El Chapo: Drugs and Democracy in Mexico

Lettieri, Michael, Center for U.S. - Mexican Studies

To understand and solve modern Mexico’s challenges, we must look beyond drug kingpins like El Chapo and pop culture depictions like Narcos. We must examine how the country’s current human rights crisis emerged from a decades-long drug war, shaped by domestic and international forces. This course explores the development of Mexico’s democracy, the ways in which violence has undermined that democracy, and the strategies that might help end the crisis.

INTL 190

Section I00

Crisis of Democracy and Global Capitalism

Santos, Fabiano

The course aims to furnish students with recent analytical trends surrounding the tensions between capitalism and representative democracy and to apply these theoretical tools on the recent Brazilian political process. Analytically, the focus will be on new developments steaming from the co-existence of an economic system based on private property and prices with a political system based on elections and parties. As it is well known, these tensions have been aggravated by the transformations that capitalism has undergone in its global format. The power of finance, large transnational conglomerates, and the breakdown of trade barriers to goods and services have undermined the ability of governments to make policy preferences of citizens prevail in the context of their domestic economies. Empirically, contemporary Brazilian politics is an exemplary case for studying the contradictions between global capitalism and democratic governance. A developing, peripheral country plagued by structural issues typical of latecomers, Brazil is today the result of an ongoing effort by elites and voters to deal with the dilemmas of an “inclusive development”. As we shall see, distributive conflicts caused by such an effort, among and within leading classes and groups in their collective attempt to generate national wealth, are dramatically aggravated by the decisive role played by non-voters – that is, private and public international financial capital – in the country’s domestic politics.

The course is divided into three parts. In the first, we will discuss the basics about the contemporary tensions between global capitalism and representative democracy. In the second, as a guide for applying theoretical tools and concepts, we will dive into the political economy of the current Brazilian crisis. Lastly, we will turn our attention and discussion to ideas and work proposals developed by the students.

INTL 190 

Section J00

US Asylum in the Trump Era

Kshatriya, Krista, Lecturer

This class examines the Trump Administration’s immigration policies under national and international laws of protection for those fleeing persecution.  Students will examine the international origins of refugee protection, the procedures and substance of U.S. asylum law, and the legal and policy challenges of establishing asylum eligibility.  Within this context, we will further analyze heightening standards of eligibility, changing qualifications for victims of domestic violence and others persecuted by private actors, reshaping of the immigration courts, prolonging detention, separating families, metering at the border, and returning asylum seekers to Mexico while their applications are processed.

Summer 2019

Course Name Faculty

INTL 190 Section A00

Ethical Dimensions of Climate Change Solutions

Gagnon, Jeffrey - Warren Writing, Program Director

Summer Session 2 | Tuesday/Thursday 11:00 am - 1:50 pm

INTL 190 Section B00

Democracy and Economic Liberalization in Latin America

Samstad, James

Summer Session 2 | Monday/Wednesday 2:00 - 4:50 pm