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Advanced Placement/International Baccalaureate - FAQ

How do I submit my AP/IB scores and where do I send them?

You must order a copy of your scores through the College Board and send the official transcripts to:

University of California, San Diego
Office of Admissions and Relations with Schools
Attn: Transcripts
9500 Gilman Dr., Dept 0021
La Jolla, CA 92093-0021

You can order a copy of your scores at collegeboard.com.

Do I have to take the recommended course based on AP/IB scores, or will I still get credit if I take a lower class?

If you take a lower level class, you will not receive credit for it as it is considered a duplication of credit.

I'm an incoming freshman with AP/IB credit. Can I apply for sophomore standing?

You do not apply for sophomore standing.  The system will automatically track your units and place you at the appropriate class level based on your unit totals.

0.0 - 44.9 units = Freshman

45.0 - 89.9 units = Sophomore

90.0 - 134.9 units = Junior

135.0 units = Senior

How can I use AP/IB credit that is outside of my major and GE requirements? Is it then elective credit?

YES, it will count as elective credit and apply towards your minimum unit requirement for graduation.

How can I order an official copy of my AP scores?

You may order copies of your AP scores by accessing collegeboard.com.
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