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Transfer Information - FAQ

I am a new transfer student to UCSD and I have a HOLD on my account. Why is this?

The hold is your college’s way of ensuring that you are enrolling in the proper classes for your first quarter at UCSD. The hold will be removed once your class schedule has been approved by a college counselor via web-based advising and enrollment session.

My academic history on TritonLink does not accurately reflect my transfer credits, including AP scores. How can I fix this?

Please contact the Admissions Office at 858-534-4831.

If I will be taking classes at another college, how can I find out if they are transferable to UCSD?

To find out what courses are transferable from a California Community College, please refer to the ASSIST.org website. Information about transferring courses from four-year institutions must be obtained only from UCSD Admissions. Be sure to ask if a specific course is transferable and at what level. If you plan to apply the course toward GE, major, or minor requirements, you will need to check with the appropriate academic department to confirm the course content will fulfill a specific requirement.

How many community college courses can I transfer and apply toward the units I need to graduate?

You may transfer up to 105 quarter units; however, not all courses are usable for credit. You may check ASSIST.org website for the transfer of California Community College courses. You should always check with your major department if the particular course will be accepted for credit prior to enrollment.
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